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Milly's Garden

Milly's Garden Rejuvenation 2017

Milly’s garden was created in 2004 in memory of Amanda ‘Milly’ Dowler who was a student at our school. The garden was in need of some TLC so this year we started a rejuventation project. With the help and support of Heathside teachers, retired Heathside teachers and parents we started tidying the garden but needed some help and expertise. Rachel Jones, a local garden designer, kindly re-designed the garden and chose planting that would suit the shady conditions and be low maintenance. We want the garden to be a beautiful, peaceful place for students to sit and enjoy during their break and lunch times. In August, we began the two day rejuvenation – pruning and rotavating the soil and then positioning and planting. The weather was on our side and we all thoroughly enjoyed the project.

Many thanks to Rachel Jones (‘The Garden Tailor’), daughter Libby and dog Simba, Mandy Russell, Steve and Kate Waters, David Scully, Karen and Keiran Richards, Sandra Trower, Eleanor Gatrell, Alison Webb, Paula Webb and Rosemary Haslam. Additional thanks go to Paul Cacia and the site team, the Heathside staff and Friends of Heathside for their kind donations which made the project possible.

Miss Barker

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