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We have had lots of amazing entries and the standard was high. The winning entry was written by Tahlia Dubery-Coupe. Read her story ‘The Polar Bear’ below.


We were playing hide and seek.Then she came.She who is not a mother.She who we were brought up to fear.She found them.Red splashed on white.Now I am the only cub left.And I am alone.My mother died protecting me from her.She will keep on hunting.And she will keep on killing.I must run.I must hide.I must find someone.Someone to love. Someone to trust.Someone who will protect me.If I don’t she will get me.Just like she got them.Red on white, red on white …

Chapter 1 – He came through the storm

I was huddled in a snow drift when he came.He came from the icy, barren bleakness of the ice lands.Strong, muscular, powerful.A rolling gait, yet a slight limp.As he came closer I noticed the angry purple scar sealing one eye, the three jagged gashes against one shoulder.Muscles rippled beneath the yellowing fur.Paws as big as my head sunk into the snow.Then, he saw me.“Come” he said in a gravelly voice.“Come and be warm”.He gestured for me to huddle beside him as he sat down in the icy cold.A black pad was speckled with silvery dust that melted as I came closer.When I reached him, he drew me into his shaggy fur.Immediately his heat spread through my body, warming the cold of my paws, the numbness of my tail.He spoke again, then.“Do you want to know how this happened?”His voice was deep and it made my very core vibrate.A delicious sense of drowsiness overcame me then, like honey it stuck in my throat. “I shall tell you everything”.Gathering me up in his huge paws, he began his woeful tale.

Chapter 2 – Beware of the watchers

“I had been hunting. Something wasn’t right.I had turned around to see these furless beings, standing on their hind legs aiming odd creatures at me.I tried to ignore them but then a giant insect came over me.It sounded like the waves on a stormy night.The furless beings were now watching me very closely.The thin long creatures in their paws all made a horrible, loud BANG!I felt as if someone had stuck claws in my side.A net came over me then.I struggled and growled but my strength was failing.Then it all went black.

When I finally woke up, lights stabbed my eyes, heat made my thick coat unbearable.The claw feeling was gone, but my neck was prickling.I turned around.More watchers were there brandishing icicles made of steel.I tried to get up but I was pinned on my side.That was when they attacked me.

Digging the icicles into my shoulder they dragged them across. I fought and whacked one over.Blood was gushing.The other watchers had raced to their pack mate.One gorged out my eye before slashing it shut.Then the sleep claws were back.I roared, and struggled against my bindings, but again I was too late.Again, everything went dark.

When I next woke, the cold was back.I leapt into a frigid pool to cool off.I swam as fast as I could, because as I was home!I set off to find a seal, but I found water that wouldn’t let me through.I whacked it.I growled at it.Finally, I gave up.I went to find a nice, snowy sleep place.Instead I found air.Air that was hard.Air with watchers on the other side.I tried to run at the watchers, but the pain in my shoulder stopped me.Then I tried to bite the watchers but the air stopped me.I realized that I was trapped, trapped with the watchers.My eye was screaming, my shoulder throbbing.I collapsed with exhaustion.Or so they thought.I had a plan.I would escape.And I would take down as many watchers as I could.

Chapter 3 – The girl

The next morning, I woke up, stiff from my injuries.But my neck was prickling again.I turned, and saw a female.The female that would help me break out.The female that now terrorises the entire Polar Bear population for one reason.She is barren.

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